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Charli was born and raised here in Las Vegas and is a graduate of West Las Vegas High School, class of 1983.

She moved to Phoenix in 1984 and lived there for 16 years before moving back home to Las Vegas in 2000. Later, she started here at KMDZ 96.7 FM on February 14, 2002 as a Morning Show Host/DJ. Charli states,"I immediately fell in love. Music has always been a big part of my life so stepping into radio was a great fit for me and it has become one of the things that I love doing the most."

Besides working in radio, Charli also serves as Probate Judge for San Miguel County and a Paralegal for the Law Office of Brown & Gallegos.

Charli enjoys spending time with her family and friends. When asked if she had a hobby, she laughed, "I guess if I have a 'hobby,' it would be cooking. I love to cook and try new things to share. It's a passion for me just like music."

She also shares a love of music with the listeners and considers all of them friends. Charli admits she still looks forward to every single show and every phone call just as much as when she first started.

Her favorite types of music are Classic Rock, Funk and Classic Metal. AND SHE LOVES IT LOUD! "I love that you can hear a song and immediately be transported back to a certain time or place, whether you want to or not. Music is a powerful thing. I really do think that music provides the soundtrack to your life and I'm happy to share mine with the listeners."



NMBA - Morning Show "Funk Fridays"  2013

NMBA Single DJ Host with Charli for Funk Friday 2015

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