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Taylor Read was born in Las Vegas, NM and raised in the area on his family's ranch and the

O'Connor Ranch east of town.  Taylor graduated from Grady Municipal Schools, a town in

eastern New Mexico where his mother was from.  After that Taylor went to New Mexico Highlands University studied History and Anthropology.  While in college he worked for the family ranch and the O'Connor Ranch.

His first radio show experience was when he got asked to be a co-host from his friend who had a rock show at KEDP 91.1 FM at Highlands.  Around 1999 Taylor transferred to West Texas A&M University and found a new calling for himself in the field of Broadcasting.  There he received his BS in Mass Communications/Broadcasting and worked in Amarillo, TX as a DJ at KGNC News Talk 710 AM. 

Little time passed before Taylor was homesick for New Mexico and returned home in 2005 to the cowboy life at the ranch. Soon he heard of a new country station was starting that was looking for on-air talent.  Soon Taylor was on the air, first on KNMX AM with a Saturday morning country show, and then sitting in the captain’s chair on the morning show called the "The Morning Bull" on 92.7 the Bull in 2009. It was a perfect place for Taylor and continued his on-air name as "T-Bone", a handle that he has used since his college days on KWTS 91.1 FM. 

"T-Bone” has been raised on country music and had always wanted to DJ country music since he was a boy.  The dream has come true.  Taylor also is a Ranch Manager for a ranch nearby in the mountains.  "T-Bone" Taylor Read's show, "The Morning Bull", is a country show like none other.  It highlights the classics, some of the new country (as long as it's real country) and some artists that this area is not familiar with, like Texas and Red Dirt country.

T- Bone's formula for his show is: "Country music you never heard before, Country music you haven't heard in a long time and Country music that you know by heart".  Also there is Paul Ware who provides the latest news and interesting stories in addition there is hardly a show that doesn't have him cutting up with T-Bone.  There is always a chance to win something on "The Morning Bull” as well.  You can catch the show Monday through Friday 7am to 10am.



* NMBA Single Host DJ                2013

* NMBA Single Host DJ                2014

*NMBA Station Promotional        Announcement                          2015 

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